All About The Story

sss front

I am first a foremost a storyteller, one who uses the written word to tell tales.

I write for my own pleasure. The length of my works are usually classified as novelettes. I self-publish simply to get my stories out there. I am thrilled if there are others who also might enjoy them.

I understand what it is like to put one’s soul into telling a story. I am rarely, if ever, critical of someone else’s work.

I despise grammar Nazis who get so lost in analyzing a drop of water that they miss the majesty of the ocean. To me, when it comes to writing, what is most important, actually all that is important, is the story.

I primarily have used Amazon, but started my own site, where my works are available for digital download in .PDF format.


I invite you to please check them out. I would be honored if you too enjoyed my stories.

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