Love And The Wild – Lost or Found

the orgininal wild

Do you miss the passion we shared?

Do you long for the romance of uninhibited desires?

Do you think of the moments in which we lived lifetimes of raw sensuality?

Does your heart ache for the memory of what was?

Does your body shake for the lust that was beyond expectations?

Does your soul cry out, incomplete, missing a shared love that was for the ages?


Is the time passed too great?

Is a life of settled complacency enough?

Is the distance empty, only filled with echoes of silence?

Is it time for our hearts, our bodies and our very souls to again meld into one?

Has our time passed?

Has our time come again?

Has our sexual exploration which knew no taboo still possible?

Is the wild we embraced without hesitation or reservation —- still part of us?



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