The Trap Of My Life

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The trap of my life is a cage made from bars strung together by my bad decisions. Each piece of metal, each layer of lattice and each lock that holds me in place, is the end result of my own labor.  The roads I chose to travel have guided me to the suffering I now experience. 

Unlike the youth of today, I know the fault is with the visual echo I see as I peer into the looking glass. There is no one else to blame, and I look for no one to set me free. I trudge through life, shackles causing me to shuffle along the road which remains ahead.  

Thankfully, the road in front is much shorter than the one behind. My travels upon the highway of misery have helped me to gain insight into the plight of others. I understand that the hope we are always preached to believe in, is for many, a false or non-existent hope. 

The Damaged and Broken Collection

Life is a cruel bastard.

Life damages us.

Life breaks some of us. 

The stories I tell are of those damaged by life, and pushed so far they became broken.

4 thoughts on “The Trap Of My Life

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. No, we are not alone. Life is unfair, but we keep moving forward, each day trying. We become damaged, hopefully though, we do not break.
      The theme of the stories I write are for those who sadly did break. Who the damage became too much. Hopefully, it will help others be more understanding.


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