Why “The Damaged and Broken Stories”

BookCoverPreview tnt joe - CopyContrary to the idyllic lives shown to the world on social media, things don’t always work out. Life isn’t always good for everyone. Life is often times a cruel bastard. It is time to get back to reality, not the social media bullshite fantasy lives we are fed and over-fed on a daily basis.

I wrote “The Damaged and Broken Stories” for those who don’t get a fair shake. For those who life isn’t so grand. For those who the bad did not pass.BookCoverPreview

“The Damaged and Broken Stories” are tales of those who daily wage a battle within themselves. These stories are about real people who struggle to get through each moment of every day, those who grew up in poverty and did not overcome, or those who lack the connections to secure a life for themselves and their families.

is suicide painless3Many relate, many suffer, many understand.

For every one person who overcomes their demons, there are hundreds, if not thousands, who do not. These are their stories…



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