Review – Blood Red Syrah by Steve Corbett

When I am writing, I rarely read.  After completing “Is Suicide Painless,” which was a taxing novella to write, I have taken some time off and I am catching up on reading. I thought I would post a couple of reviews until I get back to working on “The Damaged and Broken Collection.”

The Damaged and Broken Collection

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Review – Blood Red Syrah by Steve Corbett

Jesús Malverde is a modern day messiah. He walks among the downtrodden, defending them against those who abuse power by using hard truth as his most effective weapon. It is that unwavering commitment to truth that changes the course of his life.

Circumstance and coincidence takes him on a new path, and as Christ wandered the desert, Jesús wanders Central California wine country. It is on this journey that he meets and helps another confront the temptation of evil.

As an author and storyteller myself, I get what goes into weaving a tale. I understand the passion one feels about getting words on the printed page – the way the author bleeds from their very soul to share their vision. When I complete a story, and ask others to read it, I never ask if they like the story – I ask if they think I told a good story.

Steve Corbett tells a good story. A story I highly recommend.


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