Review – Running Against Cancer by Agnes Varona Oquendo

When I am writing, I rarely read.  After completing “Is Suicide Painless,” which was a taxing novella to write, I have taken some time off and I am catching up on reading. I thought I would post a couple of reviews until I get back to working on “The Damaged and Broken Collection.”

The Damaged and Broken Collection

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Running Against Cancer by [Varona Oquendo, Agnes]

Review – Running Against Cancer by Agnes Varona Oquendo
“Don’t worry, everything will be alright.”
The above quote isn’t what Agnes Varona Oquendo was told by the doctor telling her she had cancer, it is what she wanted to say to him. From that sentence on, the reader understands they are not solely reading the story of a cancer survivor, but of a selfless woman who not only fought for her life, but fights to make life better for others. As you continue to read, you learn that Agnes went on to battle to make access for others easier. Yet, she wasn’t done, next she she went out on a long journey from NYC to Miami in an effort raise awareness. Running and surviving isn’t enough for Agnes, she is in the race to win.
I highly recommend Running Against Cancer.

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