2018 Year In Review

January – Looking forward to 2018 with optimism and having a better year than 2017.

February – 2018 is already beginning to start like 2017. Hurt my back at work. 

March – Doctor tells me I have about 5-7 years if I don’t do something soon. 

April – Trying to be motivated and watch what I eat and get some exercise. 

May – Motivation is failing.  Hurt my back at work again.

June – It is official 2018 is another crappy year. 

July – Motivation is gone.

August – Sucks. Hurt my back at work again.

September – Birthday, another year older. Doctor is on my case. Again, I try to start taking care of myself.

October – Officially worst year of my adult life, even worse than the year I almost died and lost everything. Released three novellas this year. I am grateful for those who purchased, but sales aren’t what I had hoped. Hurt my back at work again.

November – Wasted money advertising on a podcast trying to market my book. The owner promised to do an interview which never materialized. I don’t even think I got the entire run for which I paid. Doctor calls me again. He is concerned. He is going on and on. He is a good man, I try to listen, but I don’t care,  I’m just so tired, I couldn’t even afford to take a brief vacation. I have realized I no longer really live my life, I merely exist. Doctor calls a second time, stressing the seriousness of the downturn my health has taken — I hang up on him.

December – Realized just how awful the year has been, and in turn, how awful my life has become. Even with the lack of almost any satisfaction, I get that my life is better than many others, so I try to keep moving forward. I am planning to write at least 5 more novellas in The Damaged and Broken Collection. I am trying to be hopeful about them. I am not sure if they will be read, but to me they are important stories, stories I am compelled to write, so I will. 

“The Damaged and Broken Collection.”

The Damaged and Broken Collection

Please visit my author page on Amazon, if you are so inclined please purchase a copy and leave a review.

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