Happy Valentine’s Day

Read a true love story. The one of The New Savior.

To find the light sometimes one must enter the darkness!
What would happen if Hannibal Lecter was crossbred with Christian Grey? We’re not sure, but if you would like an idea of just how far a concept can be taken, you need to read and worship “She Is The New Savior!”

Political Intrigue.

It is all here.

Young Kelly only knew happiness, when, on a fateful day, her stepfather shattered her sheltered world. Through his heinous actions, all Kelly knew and all Kelly loved was forever destroyed. In that moment The New Savior, The True Savior was born. 

Read he story, it is much more than it appears. At its heart it is a passionate love story.

If you are purchasing this book you must be 18 years old, however we strongly advise you to be at least 25.

Click below for a free sample, and if you are so inclined please purchase a copy,

Thank you


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