Because Adultery Isn’t A Bad Thing

Excerpt from Angelic Adultery… an Embrace The Wild Fantasy
He gets up from his chair. He approaches. He doesn’t say a word. He has shorts on. I can see, genuine is his desire. There is still time for me to turn around, to tell him I can’t be here, I shouldn’t be here.
I can’t do this!

What am I thinking?
I don’t even really know him.
I remain frozen. He gently grabs my arm and pulls me completely across the threshold. Behind me, he closes the door. I hear him engage the lock. I take a step back. My spine is now to the door. He presses his body to mine. I can smell him, there is no cologne, yet he smells so good — he smells like a man.
That voice is starting to talk to me again, but I shut it down. I’m not sure if I should do this, but God forgive me, I want to.
As he presses my back against the door, his body flexes against me. He looks into my eyes, that dark color makes them unreadable — nevertheless, I can see fire in their darkness. I am a little frightened, mostly, I am excited.
His mouth touches mine and the tingle from below my waist evolves into a tremble. As if they have met before, our lips mirror one another. His tongue touches my lip, but does not enter. It is mine which breaks the boundary.

I desire him.
I hunger for him.
I need him.

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