Pornography or Erotica?

I was asked how often I post “porn.” I am glad and grateful this question came up. And, while this post is not directed at that specific comment, it does give me a chance to address what may be a concern of others. 

First, I don’t care for the word porn, it is a simplified monosyllabic word, often, not always nor soley, shouted in derision by monotheistic indoctrinated cult followers, beholden to some archaic puritanical doctrine, pathetically following a repressed monogamistic life, used to demonstrate some type of pseudo moral superiority.

Second, and most importantly, I don’t consider what I write to be pornography

Pornography’s primary purpose is to titillate, to heighten sexual arousal, ultimately to give people assistance in touching themselves, or another, in such a way as to elicit orgasm. While my erotic writing may in fact cause this outcome, that is not the primary purpose.

The primary purpose of what I write, in any genre, is always the same — to tell a good story. I use explicit sex to tell some stories, because it is, to me, plain and simple, the best way to tell that story. It is a vehicle to confront certain societal norms, and if you read the subtext — to challenge hypocritical authority figures and institutions.

If you are shocked by it, that is not a bad thing, I won’t deny that is part of my intent. I refuse to bow to convention just because someone deems a story — offensive. There are genuine issues to be offended by, not the least of which are — sexism, discrimination, war, genocide, famine and poverty.

If you fear living a life of consensual, unbridled, sexual exploration and growth, never to embrace the wild, so be it.

If you must be a self-righteous individual, unable to see past some puritanical value system, so be it.

If you have a problem with the term “erotica” or “adult” to describe my writing, so be it.

I am proud of the stories I write. I know why I write, and for whom I write. If you can’t cope with what I write, simply don’t read it.

Pornography, erotica, adult entertainment — whichever label you may require, and with which one you are most comfortable, can be an art form. If used to tell a good story, open eyes, or change convention — it can be an effective art form. 

To see the light, we must enter the darkness.

Chase new experiences, and embrace the wild.

“Who am I?”

I am an independent, self-published teller of tales. I am an author of scarcely any renown. However, as a storyteller, I know who I am, and with that persona, I am both confident and comfortable. I invite you to visit my website, and/or Amazon Author Page,

 if you are so inclined please purchase a copy and leave a review.

Thank you,


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23 thoughts on “Pornography or Erotica?

  1. It amazes me when a writer tells the reader the content of their story is mature/has adult content…and they read it anyway, knowing they will be offended. I like to support all genres since I’m looking for my niche, and I comment on what I like.
    Can’t please everyone, so we just write.

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    1. Not really sure what was the concern, but I am glad it came up, it did provide the impetus for this post to discuss my views on the stories I write under Scono Sciuto.
      I had a friend point out, that all of my stories discuss damaged and broken people, I just use a different storytelling method for those under my name and those under Scono.
      Thanks to Darnell asking about it, I have a post coming up discussing my pen name.
      Thank you for reading. 🙂


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    1. Razni,
      Thank you.
      I am glad you like my writings. All of the stories are on Amazon. Here is a link to Scono’s author page. If you do by chance read one, I would be honored to hear what you think.
      Embrace The Wild Fantasies contains all of the Embrace The Wild E-novellas, and She Is The New Savior is a stand alone novel. While not all stories interact with one another, the novellas and She Is The New Savior take place in a shared universe.


      1. The collection and she is the new savior are.
        If you get embrace the wild fantasies I recommend reading the first 2 stories back to back. There is a, well don’t want to say too much 😇😉


  2. I started writing erotic fiction mostly to keep track of certain fantasies. My stories started out awkward and got better over time because of practice. 🙂 They are not published (but I did start a blog specifically to share some of these stories). And I agree with you – there is a difference between porn and erotica.

    I have come across so much bad erotica or sex stories it’s fascinating that people consume them as much as they do. Writing good and arousing sexual fantasies can still have the desired effect, in my opinion, without the crude terminology or the porn-y lingo. I think you get this, too.


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    1. Hi Cassandra,

      I wrote one story without the crude terminology, and all of my beta readers, all women, did not like it as much as the other stories.
      Everyone has a comfort zone, and there is a reader for every story.
      I don’t write stories about sexual fantasies, I write sexual encounters into my stories. If someone finds them stimulating, that is fine, but I don’t write those scenes with that intent, I write them because I strongly believe they enhance the story I am crafting.
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.
      I apologize for the delay in responding, this was, for some reason, n the word-press spam folder.
      I look forward to continued reading of your blog

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      1. Thank you for getting back to me. You know I found something interesting – the younger sort, the ‘still ovulating’ sort want the type of stories you talk about. The older, sometimes cougar types (newly divorced with kids etc) they are divided into two groups: the type that wants it all (bdsm etc) and the type that looks for less porn, more ‘longing, desire, soft’ types of sexual fantasy stories.

        I think that second type of viewership is out there but much harder to attract.

        This blog is just an experiment and I’ll see how it goes. I haven’t had too much time to dedicate to it, but I will this summer.

        I appreciate your feedback very much. And I like your type of stories too…just can’t quite write them that way. 🙂

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      2. Best of luck to you Cassandra,
        I write what I like, no matter the genre, and my number one goal is to entertain myself first. Since I am not successful, yet, I can’t say if I am right or wrong, but I am comfortable with all of my writings.

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  3. Hi!!! I’m shuntear…It is so nice to see someone with an open mind to erotica (as I like to call it) . I’m new to blogging but a lot of my stories will have it in them. Honestly because that is just what I like to write about. If you don’t mind can you read my short story?
    It’s called sexual frustrations handled. I would really appreciate any notes or comments you might have.


  4. I admire how you said it just as you see it. Refreshing to see someone willing to stand behind their thoughts and work. If someone doesn’t like my writing style, they’re free to move along and find another they do. 😉


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