A Bullied Child…………

Please purchase your copy of “Tortured and Tormented” today. Experience the trauma of being bullied……


……It has only been two days and already everyone knows why Angelo left. Their attention turns to me. 

“What happened to the fat baby? Did he cry?” 

I ignore them. That only makes it worse. 

Are you going to leave now? Are you going to cry? Are you a fat baby, or are you just a baby fatty?” 

And there it is – the nickname that sticks. I am no longer called by my name. I am no longer called by any other names. I am only called by one.

 As I alone leave for the day, in unison, as I exit the gates of the schoolyard, “Bye-bye baby fatty” resonates louder than Sweeny’s bell.

I bawl the entire walk home. I want to tell my mom, but can’t. It will break her heart. When she found out why Angelo left school, she turned to me with such hurt in her eyes and asked if I too was being picked on. Seeing that hurt left me with only one option. I told her “No.” I can’t very well go in to the house sobbing, and now tell her the truth. 


16 thoughts on “A Bullied Child…………

  1. Oh, my goodness! I just found this blog post and I am definitely ordering this book because it would resonate with me. I too was bullied in school- horribly! And there’s no deeper pain than being constantly bombarded with sadistic cruelty by seemingly everyone you come in contact with!

    I want to thank you and the many authors who write books about these kinds of problems!


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