Please Purchase War Springs Eternal

The following is an excerpt from War Springs Eternal. Please purchase your copy today, available in both paperback and e-book formats on 

Covered in sweat, more than from my session, I bolt straight up. My exhausted muscles falter and I fall back flat. I am screaming. I try to stop myself.

I can’t.

The chain reaction is again set off. Those asleep now burst forth from their slumber. The shouts of terror emit a wave through the ward.

I keep screaming.

The nurses attend to the others. They quiet.

I keep screaming.

A nurse attends to me. It is not Collen.

I keep screaming – I can’t stop.

The screaming seems to be shaking my body. Tremors quake through my arms to my hands to my fingertips. Likewise, simultaneously, the effect is the same through my legs to my toes. The bed absorbs the energy. The metal frame squeaks and shimmies.

I cry out for her. “Colleen!”

She does not appear. The doctor does.

The flesh of my arm is broken. Medication is delivered straight into my blood. Calm settles over.

I can’t keep my eyes open.

#PTSD, #War


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