Sample The New Savior

The following is a brief excerpt from She Is The New Savior, it does not contain adult content, however, the novel itself contains scenes of graphic violence and sexuality, and is intended for a mature audience. 

  Kelly sat motionless.  Except for the actions of breathing and crying, she didn’t move a muscle.  She was no longer bound to the chair, but she could not bring herself to move.  She simply sat as the stench of blood and death enveloped her.  The  phone had rung several times.  If she had been able to answer, the police would have found her sooner. 

        Kelly didn’t care, her eyes were transfixed on the body that was her mother.  The motionless carcass lay strewn on the floor.  It was covered in blood and John’s body fluids.  There were huge exit wounds resulting from John’s revolver.  His vicious attack left her remains unrecognizable.  She could not believe that only days ago they were at the lake house enjoying life…  her mom flitting about, their jogs together, their laughing, the planning for college…  all seemed like a lifetime ago. 

        Kelly could not understand what had happened.  Her young, sheltered mind was in a stupor.  She kept thinking — none of this was possible.  This could not have happened.            

        On the second day after the attack, the police came to the house.  They knocked, but Kelly didn’t answer.  Her tears had ceased, but her gaze remained transfixed on Penelope. 

        She didn’t speak.
        She didn’t move.
        She only stared.       

        On the fourth day, her thoughts of confusion ended.  She began to fill with hate, for not only John and how he had ruined her world, twice, but a rage against all men came to dominate her emotions.  John, who was unwaveringly trusted and completely idolized, betrayed her.  He betrayed her mother.  Then after his betrayal, after his crimes — he cowardly fled.  Men, represented by John, were only capable of wanton destruction.  They were animals. 

        Kelly Dress, who until this moment, never knew hatred.    Kelly Dress who never knew anything but love and kindness was gone. 

        The motionless, violated young girl only had one thought — revenge. 

        At this moment, on this day, five days after visiting hell, The New Savior was born. 

She Is The New Savior 
-blatant heresy
-graphic sexuality
-gratuitous violence
-over the top blasphemy
-a skewed view of the world

I write of the damaged and broken, because that is the norm. For each person who overcomes their demons, there are hundreds, if not thousands, who do not.

It is their stories I tell. 

“Who am I?”20190630_1305207795170130459536580.jpg

I am an independent, self-published teller of tales,
an author, as of yet, scarcely any renown.
However, as a storyteller, I know who I am,
and with that persona, I am both confident and comfortable. I invite you to visit my website,

and/or Amazon Author Pages

Joe Leonardi              Scono Sciuto

if you are so inclined please purchase a copy and leave a review.

Thank you,


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6 thoughts on “Sample The New Savior

    1. Hi Darnell,
      Thank you.

      Scono and Joe are both driven to write about damaged and broken people. Joe is motivated to not only entertain, but try and raise a bit of awareness and perhaps spark serious conversation.

      Scono is driven to tell stories, completely unencumbered and unrestricted by societal norms. The drive is to entertain, but is also to shatter taboos and push boundaries. To take what are considered deviant and taboo matters and within the confines of the story, make them almost appear “normal.” In other words to walk up to the line, walk over the line, take a sledgehammer and destroy the concrete upon which the line is painted.

      She Is The New Savior was my first novel, written well over a decade ago. My writing style has changed a bit over the years. Of all stories, the those characters remain very close to me. I re-read the book often. It was my first writing in which I took a damaged person and explored what impact a devastating trauma could have on them, and her trauma is extreme.

      In Scono’s world the reactions are extreme, in Joe’s they are more grounded in reality.

      I hope you find I told a good story and I hope you also gain a bit of affection for the main character.


      1. More so than I am willing to acknowledge… 😉
        One day in the future I am planning to merge everything under my name, For dramatic effect, I’m just waiting for fame and fortune to intensify its impact LOL

        Liked by 1 person

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