We Haven’t Learned A Thing – Have We?

In the spoken introduction to the below video, Bruce Springsteen talks about growing up in the 60’s — with war on TV every night.

This year, the war in Afghanistan became the longest United States military conflict in our relatively brief history as a nation. The war is not on TV every night, it really never was. These days, outside of an  In Memoriam on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” the news media rarely mentions the ongoing wars, as our president perilously possibly pushes us to others.

In a Democratic Party Primary packed with candidates, only two have served, and only one talks about the war’s horrors and loss of life.

In the refrain, in 1985, a gravely voiced Springsteen shouts and pleads and implores the simple but powerful words penned by Edwin Starr.

That was more than thirty years ago — the question of the refrain remains the same, as does the answer — sadly, besides Tulsi Gabbard, there is no one any longer asking the question, let alone trying to answer it.

As powerful as the song is —
As powerful as Springsteen’s rendition is —

The most powerful part is the imagery at the very end of the video — watch it to the end. The message is unspoken, poignant — and tragically, forgotten.

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10 thoughts on “We Haven’t Learned A Thing – Have We?

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  1. “They” don’t want us to protest so we have an all volunteer military and we thank them for their service. “They” don’t want us to know what’s going on or to object so they don’t put it in front of us any more. Politicians promise to “pull out our troops and bring them home!” but they don’t and can’t. I sometimes hear on an oldies station one of those songs like this one (not sung by Springsteen but by Edwin Starr) Eve of Destruction or War Pigs. There were so many more back then. It was a divided country then, too… There’s money in war… I don’t know. 😦

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    1. Hi Martha,
      I am a veteran and it saddens me the way the service of my brothers and sisters in arms is disrespected.
      I previously wrote a short post about Tulsi Gabbard.
      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment.


      1. Hi Joe,

        I don’t disrespect anyone’s military service. I’m very sorry if I gave that impression.

        I was a college and university writing teacher and taught many, many, many returned military young people who’d had no idea what they were signing up for and came home badly damaged. It made me wonder about how we recruit them. Many of the kids I taught really believed they were just signing up for a job and when they came home they could go to school and have more opportunities. They had no idea what else might happen to them. I taught a young man — well, in his 30s, who had done 4 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a sniper. He was afraid to write an essay in class — it was too much pressure — and he could only do it if he sat at my desk with me while he wrote. I have a lot of sad stories but I’m sure you have more.

        I just don’t think “thanks for your service” is enough. I don’t know if that makes sense. I think it would be better to find a way to stop wars, but I don’t know what it is. I’m a Vietnam war era person. I didn’t protest the war because it would have been hypocritical when my dad worked for the DOD as a wargamer. I guess I grew up (thanks Dad) with the idea that there’s a lot more going on than I will ever know — or many soldiers ever know.

        Anyway, again, I’m really sorry if you got the impression that I disrespect the people who go into the military. I might not respect a government that relentlessly misuses these young peoples’ lives.


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