War Without End

As we huddle in the depths of reinforced earth, the fresh-faced soldiers cry out. Those of us who have been here, we cry in. Time hardens our exterior, but that doesn’t change the truth; We are all afraid. Once the fear is accepted, it becomes part of us. The propaganda that drove us here no longer matters.

We are no longer driven to defeat the Germans.

We are no longer driven to defeat evil.

We are no longer driven to save the world.

We are driven by fear of death and loyalty to one another. Yet we understand all too well that, at times, death may be the better option.”

War Spring Eternal is a WWI soldier’s story. Predominately taking place after combat, we follow the soldier as the fighting has stopped, but the war never ends. 

Somehow, with the passage of time and the election of leaders with no military service, the lessons of the Vietnam War have been lost. On battlefields in far away countries, our brothers and sisters, mothers and father, sons and daughters are sacrificing of themselves, with little thought from those in positions of power.

The president has forgotten them, members of congress have forgotten them, the news media has forgotten them, the leading candidates for president have forgotten them. 

Let us not forget them. 

This novella is important now, as military people are fighting, and dying, or carrying the scars of combat, both on the outside and inside, in wars without end. 

Please click on the below photo and get your copy today.

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