When The Bullied Becomes The Bully

Under both my real name, and my pen name, I write about varying topics, all dealing with people who, one way or another, are damaged by life. My latest novellas, “The Damaged And Broken Collection,” center around PTSD, Suicide, Bullying, Despair — real human emotions, conditions and sufferings. 

The first novella of the set, written and published in May of 2018, Tortured and Tormented — creating a school shooter, focuses on a young person who is bullied to a breaking point. His reaction, the result of years of being persecuted, is intentionally extreme. His response is not justified, even in the confines of the story. It is my way of exploring a potential cause of what has become the new normal, school shootings. Actually, I try to examine several possible causes.

The reason I am thinking about this is because the film Joker, explores several similar themes, to the point that I wonder if Todd Phillips may have read my novella. 😉

Although both of our works delve into mental injury, mental illness, psychotropic medications, bullying, isolation, despair and mass murder, a main difference is the hero worship portrayed in Joker for Arthur Fleck, where in Tortured and Tormented, sympathy and empathy are felt for the unnamed main character, but his reaction is not a just reaction, nor is it portrayed as one.

In both works, the bullied becomes the bully. This is something which needs to be looked at, understood and in the end, prevented. This type of push back is happening more often than we think, and should not be ignored. 

Thank you for reading, if you are so inclined, please purchase a copy of Tortured and Tormented, and let me hear what you think. By clicking the below link, you can read a free sample. Again, thank you.


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