Embrace The Wild Of A Goddess

The room is dark.
Her skin, the color of coffee with just a hint of cream, shines through the darkness.

“Well hello.” she purrs and sashays across the distance.

Speech escapes me.
Stunned silence.
I am in awe.
My eyes start at the floor, exposed skin from her feet to her neck fill my field of vision. Hair falls loosely over one eye, the other projects seduction. The lightless room cannot conceal the vision of perfection that stands before me. In the presence of a goddess, tears fill my eyes.

Her hands run down her bosom, they caress her curves and stop at an untrimmed patch of paradise. Her fingers part her flesh. Light pink illuminates, cutting through the darkness even more.


She sits back in a chair. Sensual movements end with each leg draped over an arm, further exposing her succulent fruit.
Clouds part, and the light of a new moon filters into the room. Her nude body now completely visible. Light colored areola frame erect nipples. Tightly curled hair, wild and unkempt, draw my attention downward. She spreads glistening wetness from within along her clit up over her belly.

“Darling, this is where you belong.”


I move to her. When I am in reach, I drop to my knees. I follows the moisture from her belly to the sweet aroma’s source. My teeth gently tug at her skin. I inhale deeply, the scent of her sex is enticing, overpowering.
She pulls my head to hers.
She sample herself from my lips.
Her kiss is cool.
She stands in front of me and tears off my clothes. She throws me on the chair, and for the first time ever, covers me with her mouth. The coolness that was her kiss, now licks and sucks me. I grow harder with each subtle movement of her mouth…



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