Super Bowl Half Time Show And The Curse Of The Puritans

The 2020 Super Bowl took place in Miami Florida, an area rich in Latin Culture. What I wouldn’t give to move to South Florida and reside in Little Havana. It would be like going back to the richly proud ethnic enclaves of the Pittston where I grew up. Albeit, much warmer, sunnier and closer to the ocean I so love.

Anyway. Shakira standing on a stage: Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira performed a very Miami half-time show. I have to admit, I was hoping for a Pitbull cameo.

I woke this morning to comments on social media from those expressing moral indignation over the proud Celebration of Miami’s Latin Culture. I mean, really, if you are so repressed, turn off the TV for a bit, jam a charcoal briquette up your exceedingly tight anal canal, make a diamond and retire. Not every culture struggles with puritanical repression. And thank God for that. If heaven is made up of these types of oppressive moralists, please let me go to hell, not pass go, and not collect $200.00.
I thought it was an entertaining show. One that celebrated the joyousness of the Latin world. (I am of Italian descent, and while not Latino in the accepted sense of the word, we are a Latin-based culture). The performance was charged with sultry energy, but nothing over the top sexual. Body suits and well-placed adhesives made sure there were no wardrobe malfunctions. And, talk about the physical prowess to pull of that performance. Wow! But let the lard asses, downing greasy pizza and margarine-soaked wings, guzzling beer, wearing shirts that exposes guts no one wants to see because shirt sizes large enough to cover them don’t exist, suck all the joy out of an amazing, athletic and artistic performance.


Maybe the seething anger and boiling hatred has more to do with ethnic background than the content of the performance.

I know! How dare I!


Well, years ago, I was involved with a woman of Haitian descent who spoke with a heavy accent. Not only did I get dirty looks and snide comments, people stopped patronizing my business. Growing up the child of a Sicilian Immigrant, I have vivid memories of similar looks andIMG_5725
comments directed at my father. So, you’ll have to excuse me if I tend to believe that being offended by the show, had more to do with the now “almost seemingly sanctioned and accepted” dislike of people of Latin origin, than a performance that showed less skin than the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.



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