The Decline Of Social Media Civility

afbI really miss the days when we logged onto social media and could simply see how our FB friends were doing, read about new accomplishments, take a moment to congratulate them, wish them a happy birthday.
If they had a loss, the ability to express condolences and or support. And seeing how everyone had each other’s backs.
You would take a moment and share something good going on in your own life, or a loss. And you would receive the same type of support back.
A time when we shared, instead of fought. When disagreeing didn’t make another person an enemy of which to destructively dispatch.
Social media was a way to stay in touch with people who lived a distance. At one time, logging onto FaceBook, Twitter, etc… was a generally pleasant experience.
I guess it was inevitable that it has evolved, or devolved, into a place of hatred and vitriol. Respect, decency and decorum for our virtual friends seems uncommon and the art of respectful conversation may be lost.
It is kind of sad the way it has become less sociable.
I don’t know what has gotten to me today. Maybe as my health is deteriorating, I’m getting more sensitive, or just realizing that I may have engaged in some of that type of garbage at one time, and it really didn’t do anything positive for anyone, including me.

3 thoughts on “The Decline Of Social Media Civility

  1. Very True! I say things like this all the time, somewhere along the way, it became okay to be a giant jerk online, and when people are confronted about it…their response is “It’s the internet” as if that’s valid reasoning.

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