Cast Away – From Damaged To Broken

 You hurt me today

You returned — into my life
Seduced — one another
Again I fell — in love

You hurt me today

Your passions at home — unfulfilling
To me you turned — wanting
Lustful needs — yearning

Your wanton sexual desire — fulfilled
My love fueled passion — used
My soul — discarded

There was another — more importantly cherished
I was the other — negligibly acknowledged
Insignificant and inconsequential

There were no more fantastical moments

Not even a few seconds to share
You no longer had need

You thought I felt — neglected
It was — scathing rejection
Cruel — abandonment


You proclaimed — I am done
You flat out said — fond memories
You made it clear I am — no longer appealing

I don’t matter

The answer is that simple

Your secret I will keep
You hurt me today

You cast me away




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