A Bottle Of Wine

And A Handful Of Pills


If I wake in the morning, I will attempt to endeavor for a better life. I will get back to work on my new novel, The Damaged and Broken, with an even better understanding of both.

 If I don’t, even considering the last decade, I lived a life better than most, but it is hard to go on simply existing, when I understand what it is to genuinely live.

It is especially difficult when I realize just how unloved, unwanted and undesired I am, knowing I have so much desire, want and love to yet give. 


4 thoughts on “A Bottle Of Wine

  1. I have to say, that while I can’t know your individual struggles right now, I can definitely relate to this post and the sentiment inside it. Sending you strength, Joe. I know it doesn’t fix things, but I hope you know that you and your writing inspire, and though you may not realise it, you do matter to people. 💐

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