Damaged Redemption – Kindle Pre-Order Canceled

damaged redemption front cover kindleI am sorry for getting ahead of myself on the Damaged Redemption announcement. I have the completed story in my head, but I have not been putting in the time to finish writing the initial draft. Being former Navy, I work well with defined timelines and one of the ways I get over a case of writer’s laziness is to make a story available for pre-order. If it is not ready on the date, actually about 72 hours prior, I choose — there is a penalty. 

Anyway, because I like to do a hard-copy proofread, I was setting up a paperback version, with no intention to publish (you will see why). I was excited setting up the paperback version, so I decided to go with my usual way to get writing and setup a kindle pre-order. However, in my zeal, I overlooked an important factor about Damaged Redemption. I forgot that I am planning to shop my latest novel to literary agents and traditional publishers, and not self-publish.

I woke-up this morning and the error hit me before my feet hit the floor. Thankfully, there were no pre-orders and I canceled it. Unfortunately, this cancellation means the penalty kicks in — I can no longer make any stories available for pre-order for the next year, which if I get picked up and have some success, won’t be that big of a deal. 

Please accept my apologies and wish me luck.


damaged redemption

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