The Best Part Of Getting Up




I came out of the bath to find my Angel awake. The covers were drawn back, and she was at the edge of the bed. He perfect body, free of clothing, greeted me.

She gave me that look, and parted her legs. I understood immediately that I was going to be late leaving her house, hopefully, her husband would be just as late returning. .  

I took my place, kneeling before her. I ran my hand along her thighs as I lowered my head, drawn to the succulent scent emanating from in between.

My Angel, not feeling well the last few days, was ready this morning.

I sampled from her vaginal chalice, the nectar of my Goddess. For the better part of an hour my mouth never lost contact with her sweet spot.

Is there any more perfect way to start a day than to go down on a woman?

To see the light,
we must enter the darkness.

Chase new experiences,
and embrace the wild.



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