What Are Your Favorite Books?

I saw this comment on Writers and Authors Promotion FB page.

Please rank 5 top classic books you find of the highest significance that should be ABSOLUTELY read in one’s lifetime:

Of course there were answers of familiar works by familiar authors.

Here is my list

1 – War Springs Eternal by Joe Leonardi
PTSD impacts many today. As often as it is undiagnosed, it is misdiagnosed.
Many silently suffer. Pushing ahead, living their lives.
This novelette follows a WWI vet coping with it day to day.

2- She Is The New Savior by Scono Sciuto
Religion and politics shape much of our individual thinking.
Using erotica as a storytelling tool, this novel is a
perfectly blunt commentary
on how both are nothing more than legalized prostitution.

3 – Creating A School Shooter by Joe Leonardi
This novelette is an attempt to take us into the mind of a school shooter.
What tragedies and environmental factors may push someone from
timidity to undertaking unimaginable and horrific actions.

4- Is Suicide Painless by Joe Leonardi
Suicide impacts many people. Those left behind are burdened with undeserved guilt and take unearned responsibility. This novelette takes us into the mind of someone who makes the final decision, and in an encapsulated format, demonstrates there was little anyone could have done to have prevented it.

5 – One Day I Was by Joe Leonardi
Key West is the backdrop of this work of historical fiction.
Follow the old man as he is interviewed by a unique reporter.
Discover, as she does, the failures of the United States as well as
her place in not history, but in the future.

Have you noticed something?
Yes, I am the author of each book on my list.
“But they aren’t classic books.” You may say.
Says who?
To me they are not only classics,
they are some of the best stories ever written.
If you are a writer then you better well top your list.
If we don’t believe our stories are well told and important, then guess what?
No one else will!
It isn’t arrogance, it is belief in yourself.
If you do not believe in you, who will?

You must –

with your very heart,

with your very soul,

with your very being,

be convinced beyond any doubt that,
even if you never sell one solitary story,
you are the best there is.

In closing, just think about this — one of the greatest, if not the greatest, big wave surfer to ever walk planet Earth is Laird Hamilton. Did you know he has never won, let alone entered, a surfing competition? For him, to be the best wasn’t incumbent upon a bunch of judges evaluating his life’s passion. He became the best simply by going out and being the best. And in the process, ended up making nice living.

We, as writers, hell as human beings, must stop looking for outside validation to somehow justify pursuing our passion!
Just tell your story, not for fame, money, glory or to impress others.
Just tell your story, because telling that story is your passion!




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