Kindle Reading Insights

I read almost exclusively on either kindle, kindle app, or kindle online. For me, it is an easy way to keep my entire  library of books, and magazines, close at hand and the gives me the flexibility to read any title whenever the mood strikes. Of course, if there is something I want to read not available on kindle, I  buy the hardcover or paperback.

Anyway. I just noticed something on my phone’s kindle app called reading insights. I usually don’t pay attention to these things, but it caught my attention. I tapped on it and then scrolled down.

I have read for 55 weeks and 281 days in a row. In 2019 I completed 34 titles and this year, so far, 8 titles.

I wonder how many stories I would write if I wrote for 281 days in a row?

Perhaps, something to to consider.



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