Well, I Woke Up This Morning

Short Story Scribe

Not sure how I feel about it. I know yesterday I wrote, If I wake in the morning, I will attempt to endeavor for a better life. I will get back to work on my new novel, The Damaged and Broken, with an even better understanding of both.”

Perhaps, it is a lingering effect of last night’s combination, but I have been dragging today. Didn’t write a word about anything until I started typing these. But, since fate chose for me to wake, I will try to be better tomorrow. 




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4 thoughts on “Well, I Woke Up This Morning

    1. Overall, my life has taken such a downward turn that I am kind of ready for it all to be done.
      I used to have a wonderful, eventful, passionate life.
      Now, trapped by bad decisions.
      But, since I’m still here, trying to make the best of it.


  1. Sometimes just typing away at anything, nothing with any particular intent will help kick start my creativity. But sometimes one just has to take a break, a short walk perhaps. Don’t forget your notebook though.


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