According To Dan Le Batard, if you don’t like what he likes, ‘you are dumb.’

In response to the reported cancellation of the Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre vehicle High Noon, radio bully Dan Le Batard commented, it is “a victory for dumb people.”

I have to ask — Why?

Since its inception, High Noon has had difficulty finding an audience. It moved from the original time slot of Noon Eastern Time, because it wasn’t doing very well. It was put into ESPN’s afternoon, loud,  yelling and shouting, gasbag block, acting as a lead-in to Highly Questionable, in which Mr. Jones was a co-host and often said that choosing to live anywhere in which one must suffer winter was not such a bright idea. Yet, lured by the prospect of originating his own show, and I am sure quite a bit of money — Mr. Jones makes no secret of his love of greenbacks — he left sun-soaked winters in Miami for the dismal grey skies of New York City. 


I am a huge fan of Bomani Jones. When he shows up on the air, you know you were going to get insight and analysis found nowhere else.  I was disappointed when he stopped doing his daily radio show. And Pablo Torre is a man with a topnotch education and gives the impression of having a lot of fun no matter where he appears. Their pairing seemed like a match made in heaven — until trying to watch it. 

High Noon is nuanced.
High Noon is intelligent.
High Noon is often witty. 

The problem with the show is the co-hosts have zero chemistry.  


The majority of the time we are watching Mr. Torre acting as an exuberant sports fan who realizes how lucky he is to be covering adults playing children’s games. It is fun to watch, until Mr. Jones’s gravitas laden character brushes him off, seemingly annoyed that the joyful Pablo is not taking topics quite seriously enough. The eye rolls convey a level of disdain that is often uncomfortable to watch. It has been reported they are friends. If so, it doesn’t come across on the air. 

I really think the end of the show is simply that, a lack of on-air chemistry that comes across as a lack of respect from one host toward the other. 

With the end of High Noon, hopefully Bomani Jones will head back to The Clevelander and re-join Dan Le Batard, with whom chemistry is undeniable. Perhaps Pablo Torre can join Mina Kimes on some new program, when she was filling in for Bomani, the chemistry between the two was fantastic. Their exuberance fed each other, making for great viewing. 

ESPN’s afternoon programming has suffered greatly with the semi-retirement of Papi. If they would like an unsolicited recommendation from a nobody who enjoys sports talk programming, put Dianna Russini together with Stugotz. Anytime those two share a screen or microphone, eyes and ear are glued to speakers and screen. They are a pairing of pure chemistry, joy and unmitigated fun that would attract plenty of viewers and thus, plenty of advertising dollars. 




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