Alcohol Consumption

Florence Zeka, on her blog Fiez-Writer, had a post titled Does Drinking Help With Writing?
Of course, I was immediately drawn to the Hemingway quote –  “Modern life … is often a mechanical oppression and liquor is the only mechanical relief.”
See the source image
As I read it, I got to thinking about my life. I spent the bulk of my adult life rarely drinking, then again I was also fit and health, lately I can’t drink enough. It doesn’t seem to provide much relief, but maybe if I’m lucky, it will help speed me to the end.
I know that my life is better than many, but if I am only granted a short time on this earth, this isn’t the way I wanted to spend it. And since I am trapped in a cage, formed by latticework of bad decisions, with no hope for escape — maybe, just maybe it is time to say good-bye for good. 
I don’t know. For now, whether anyone reads my stuff or not, I guess I will keep escaping via writing stories. 

8 thoughts on “Alcohol Consumption

      1. Joe, I sympathize and empathize with you. We can only play the hand we’ve been dealt, but I know from grim personal experience that some of the cards we draw are very hard to hold.
        Capture and hold on to those little positives, my friend.

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