Is Sensitivity Creativity’s Curse?

Are you a writer?

Are you told that you are too sensitive?

This is not an uncommon characteristic in those of us who are creative. Even one who might be accused of excessive machismo, Ernest Hemingway, was a deeply sensitive person. Upon first reading, his stories can be construed as epic adventures, read them a second time and you will find they are introspective examinations of the human condition.

The simple truth is, whether we are creating great works of art, or simply great works of our own art, to tell a tale, we have to  not just become one with the characters, we must become the characters.

When I write, the characters are not merely extensions of me — while I am writing, I am that character. It is why, when writing a book in which the main character commits suicide, I had to step away for days, if not weeks at a time. The emotional connection I was creating was such, that it overwhelmed me.

I needed space to get back to being Joe.

It is why I chose a pen name for some of my writings. When Scono Sciuto is the author, not only is Scono weaving the work, Scono is becoming the characters in that story. Joe is no longer occupying the mind of the person at the keyboard.

As writers, it isn’t a choice to be sensitive. Sensitivity is what allows us to tap into the sometimes dark and distant recesses of mind and imagination.

Yes, sensitivity can be viewed as a curse, but more importantly, it is the true gift to the creative mind.

Simply stated, without sensitivity, there is no heart, there is no soul, and there is no connection to and within the art which is our stories.

It is why when we write — we bleed.




13 thoughts on “Is Sensitivity Creativity’s Curse?

  1. This post explains me why I feel overwhelmed sometimes after writing. Some pieces just take whole day or few days to recover after writing them. Thank you for explaining it so well here!

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  2. This is so true. We become what we write and we can only write well when we are that character. And sometimes, it becomes a bit hard to come back, and sometimes it feels a little empty when we are back, like we’re missing something within ourselves.

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  3. I would say I had a rough life, but still I am sensitive or vulnerable. Yet at the same time I seem to have a switch in my head and suddenly do things most people are not able to do. It sounds weird, it is.

    What you wrote about characters, I do become one of them. I get (not in the blog) so involved with my charachters that I even have to tell me, ” Hey you, this is fantasy”, but I love the process of creating those characters.

    Thank you for not making me feel awkward with your post. Yes I am sensitive and I get too involved with characters. I just love this art form, even though I´m terrible at it.
    Again, thank you for sharing your experience.

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