Pennsylvania’s Governor Wolf – “Let Them Eat Cake”

I listened to Governor Wolf speak and realized just how out of touch he is with people who actually need to earn their way in life.

He said something along the lines of, ‘before we can worry about livelihoods, we need to worry about lives.’

Does this man of privilege and wealth not understand, that for many, without a livelihood, life may not be livable?

At least in D. C. they are coming together to bail out individuals.

Governor Tom Wolf in essence just fired tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people, with not even an ounce of human compassion and kindness, or a thought for us, or a plan to help us.

Yes, this pandemic is serious.
Yes, this pandemic has a higher fatality rate than other viruses.
Yes, this pandemic needs not simply reactive and proactive steps, it does need an over-reaction.

But it does not have a 100% kill rate, so we must also think of the post-pandemic cost.

How many of these people abandoned by Governor Wolf will turn to alcohol?
How many of these people abandoned by Governor Wolf will turn to drugs?
How many of these people abandoned by Governor Wolf will spiral downward, out of control?
How many of these people abandoned by Governor Wolf will end up homeless, living in the streets, or worse?
How many of these people abandoned by Governor Wolf will turn to suicide?

In the long-term, will the lives destroyed and lost, outnumber those saved in the short-term?

Answers are not easy to give, but human kindness and compassion are. Our governments have pillaged taxes from the sweat of our brows for centuries, it is time to get some back. Perhaps the state government can

  • give each citizen who earns under 75,000 a check for $500.00 each month they are not working because the governor’s actions
  • put a moratorium on public utility payments for the amount of time he kicked people out of work
  • mandate a cessation on mortgage collections, again for the amount of time he kicked people out of work
  • mandate no collection on rents for the same time frame

This will give people a couple of less stressors with which to be concerned. When the crisis is over and people are back to work, the standard payments, plus 10 – 25% (until what was uncollected is recovered),  can be implemented so the lending institutions, utility companies and landlords will then be paid in full and only temporarily have to do without money, and in the end not lose any income.

If Governor Wolf’s answer destroys more than it saves, and he turns us out into to the streets with not even a thread of a lifeline, what does that say about him?

“Let us eat cake?”


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