I’m Not Writing

I posted this response to a wonderful post over at Christina Schmidt’s blog, Armed With Coffee and decided to copy and paste it here. This is the link to her blog-post https://armedwithcoffee.com/2020/04/07/a-pep-talk-to-writers-and-poets/. Make sure if you already aren’t, follow her blog and YouTube channel. It has some great stuff.

I admit, I have stopped writing. Occasionally, I will write up a rant or two, but I have stopped work on my current novel. With all the stress of having to go to work each day, keep my patients, staff and myself safe, and the sleep disrupting nightmares, it is difficult to use my imagination to create.

When not working, I have a constant pit in my stomach.
When I sit to write, that pit widens and deepens.

I wonder – What’s the point? No one buys and reads my stuff anyway. And even though that has never been my driving force to create, to use my gift to tell stories, at the same time, with the illness and death, and fear of illness and death, permeating the world, I keep asking that same question.

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