The last couple of weeks I have some of the strangest dreams. Some are nice, others a bit “out there.” Many of them have a theme of my childhood, I’m there as an adult, but the times are definitely the past. I’m not an observer, I am a participant, and some of my friends are my age, but the setting and other people are those of yesteryear.
Last night’s dream was of my parents and my little great dane/lab mix Trish (pictured below). It was one of the nice ones, like having a visit. It was enjoyable to talk to my folks and visit my childhood pet. In my dream she still thinks she is a lap dog. 🙂
I have been making notes, some of these may make their way into future stories/books.
I am re-focusing on my latest novel. My fiction is a bit more welcoming than reality these days. So no more posts about the pandemic, or the president. I think I have had my say — not that anyone but me actually cares about my opinion anyway.
All my friends, acquaintances an strangers, please stay safe and well. I am not a religious man, but I do pray for all of you each night.

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