Comfort- to give strength and hope to.
Despair – The complete loss of or absence of hope.
Two words. Opposite meanings. Come together to define a life.

The Comfort of Despair is a story of one man, alone, stranded in the ocean. As his life may be ending, he reflects on her, his one true love. He lived a life trapped by bad decisions and inaction. He thought there was only one way to escape. He finally took action, a drastic action, one of which he was so sure was right.

As he floats on the sea, he reflects on what he had, what he lost and how he lived each live drowning in the comfort of his despair.

Suicide, school shootings, bullying — In today’s media we hear of people who are damaged, and some broken. I write of those damaged and broken because that is the norm. For everyone one person who overcomes their demons, there are hundreds, if not thousands, who do not – it is their stories I tell.

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