A Soul Damaged

Pain physical
Pain emotional

Both heal
Both scar

My love deep
My love sincere

Each day I awakened early hours just to speak 
Cherishing a few moments to simply hear your voice
Without hesitation, when another beckoned, I was disconnected

My heart shattered
The broken pieces, crushed

Tossed aside
In the storm I cry
Solitary, left standing alone

Begged you to leave with me
Implored to start a life

You would not
You did not

Was I —                         
 –a dalliance?
–a distraction?

…only to be granted an audience at your convenience? 
…only to serve at, and for, your pleasure? 

Each day I check for a message
Each day there is none

Although not your first choice
Say but the words and I am again yours

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