To One Another, We Submit





cropped-submissive-positionVince lifted his head.
He moved closer.
He inserted his cock into Patty’s primed pussy.
His strokes were long, even and forceful.

As Vince fucked her Patty worked the two cocks in her hands, while the other men continued sucking on her tits. 

It didn’t take long for Vince to reach his climax.
He pulled out and he came with such force that his stream went as far as her neck.
Vince removed himself, and one of the men at Patty’s breast took his place.

As Vince had done, he fucked her with long hard strokes, and when he came, he pulled out and came all over Patty’s stomach.

The remaining men all did the same. Each entered, fucked and came on Patty.
Patty, herself, came several times.
When the last man fucked her, all but Vince left the room.

He gazed upon his love. 
She was spent.
She was exhausted.

And, although she had fucked several men, at the end of each day, she was his.
Vince removed the blindfold. He kissed deeply.
He told her that he loved her, he gave her a long drink of water, he turned out the lights and then he left.

Patty lay in the darkness. The come of five men drying on her torso.
She never thought she would be like this, she never thought she could be like this.
Vince had unleashed her sexual animal. She felt a tinge of guilt, not at the actions much as enjoying the actions.
She knew all she had to do was utter the word and this would end. Yet, she didn’t want it to.

She was to be Vince’s submissive for the weekend.
She trusts him.
She loves him. 
She yearns for him.

She has been sleeping, but unsure of for how long.
Vince enters the room. 
He says nothing, neither does Patty.
Behind him are two other women.
Each is nude.

The women move immediately to Patty.

They touch her.
They rub her.
They kiss her.

Patty doesn’t care to be with other women, and for a moment considers uttering the safe word.
However, she can’t resist the sexual arousal she is experiencing..

They are so gentle. So soft.
There kisses cover her body, from head to toe.
One kisses her mouth, the other begins to go down on her.d66f0196b88766f4b0bd19adfa26a09c

At first, she is reluctant to return the kisses, but soon she does. 
Kissing a woman is different than kissing a man. It is not just erotic, it is emotional.

As the other woman is going down on Patty, Vince comes up behind her.
Patty and Vince have an open relationship, but she has never watched him with another woman.

She closes her eyes. The whip strikes her with a slight sting. 
She obeys and open.
She watches as Vince penetrates the other woman as she continues to go down on her.

Patty is getting turned on. She didn’t think she would enjoy, but she loves watching Vince fuck her.

Vince is not at all gentle. He fucks the stranger, fast and hard.
He removes himself from her and the woman who had been kissing Patty moves and Vince comes on Patty’s neck.
She wants his cock in her mouth, but Vince doesn’t give it to her. 

He moves away as the other woman bring Patty to yet another orgasm.. 

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