Each Struggle Is Unique

I posted most of this as a response to a comment on a past blogpost.
I am sharing it here. I hope you can relate. I hope it helps.

The struggles are real, and shared, but yet, for each of us so different. We can empathize and in many cases sympathize, but each unique situation also brings their own unique emotions.

The essential worker wishes they could have been, or still be, at home as safe as possible. The person at home, perhaps frustrated and alone with their thoughts each day, wishes they could be working.

And of course, any suffering that existed prior to March of this year, is now compounded, for many of us, exponentially so.

I don’t have the answers, but some suggestions:

  • If you need help; get help. Online and phone options are available.
  • If you are stuck home; get out, go for a walk. It doesn’t have to be far.
  • Make time to sit on the porch; disconnect from the internet and the news.
  • Watch television shows and movies that are familiar; familiar is good.
  • If you have to work; take all precautions possible. 
  • If you have faith; pray.  If you don’t; meditate. 
  • People care. We care. I care.
  • If someone gives help; thank them. 
  • Be kind to others; be kind to yourself.
  • It’s okay to be afraid; I’m afraid. I’m sure most of us are.
  • It’s okay to cry; but make time to laugh.


I wish I had more.
I wish I could be braver.
I wish I could help everyone. 

3 thoughts on “Each Struggle Is Unique

      1. I’m fine most of the time, Joe. I think I’m more unconsciously stressed now: nagging fears rather than any specific alarm. The country is slowly getting back to normal, except of course it isn’t. There’s no normal, but we must try to be positive. I think we may be allowed to walk on the beach from tomorrow!

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