Listen To Doctors of Medicine NOT Doctors of Spin

According to an article on, “President Trump’s advisers are looking to “reframe” his coronavirus pandemic response…”

It matters not if your are a supporter or detractor of the president. This should not be acceptable.

Reframe” the response? What response?

How is it possible that the United States of America, perhaps the most medically advanced society in the world, has mishandled this crisis to this extent?

Is it possible that removing the mechanisms that were in place to address this type of event, mechanisms that dated back to Clinton, W. Bush and Obama, are responsible for the spread, infection, affliction and death of our citizens? Is it possible ignoring the foresight and planning of three previous administrations hampered our response? 

These are not merely numbers to be “reframed.” These are flesh and blood human beings. They are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. They are people who meant much to others, even if they matter not to some.

We must not accept this attempt to escape the responsibility of inaction, of the duty which has most definitely shirked, by allowing spin doctors to “reframe” what has occurred to those who have been, and will occur to those who will be, afflicted.

We must not solely demand more, we must settle for no less than an acknowledgement of errors, and an aggressive national plan, regardless of political persuasion, to fight this pandemic. A fight which should have been initiated months ago, because no matter how desperately anyone desires  to “reframe” what has happened, and what is happening, it has not, nor will it, miraculously disappear(ed).

Perhaps instead of relying on spin doctors for a way to “reframe” the state of this pandemic, we could rely on medical and scientific doctors to actually contain, prevent, slow the spread,  and treat this virus which now afflicts us.

It must be asked – 

  • How do we sit idle while masters of spin seek to “reframeerrors?
  • How do we not demand accountability and contrition for the results of those errors?
  • How has it become acceptable to accept a lack of human compassion and decency?


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