Usually, I don’t go on about politics these days and not sure about doing this now. But, I just can’t believe the linked article at the bottom….
Trump whines – ‘Why don’t people like or trust me?’
How did we end up with this delusional man/child as president?
People don’t believe you because you have repeatedly played ostrich instead of being honest and in regards to this pandemic you have shirked your duty as a leader by providing no leadership.
You did not implement a national plan, no national testing, no national contact tracing — nothing. Yet, you boasted about closing the “border” with China. WTF did you do, put up a blockade of the northern Pacific fucking Ocean?
And let’s not forget, the bulk of the cases in the US came in from European travel, which you dragged your feet on.
You claimed “anyone who needs a test can have a test.”
You told us it couldn’t survive in the hot , sunny weather.
You implied that Dr. Birx should look into injecting disinfectants into the human body.
You told us it would miraculously disappear.
You openly flaunted efforts to contain the virus by holding rallies and repeatedly refusing to be seen wearing a mask.
You didn’t want a cruise ship to dock because it would increase “your” numbers.
You compared your press briefings to a dumb ass reality show in “ratings.”
As milestones in deaths are reached are you comforting the nation? No you are on the golf course.
You re-tweet conspiracy theorist’s rantings and a game show host’s “expertise.”
I can’t recall once where you mentioned the afflicted and deceased, never trying to console our nation’s losses.
I could go on and on…
Donald Trump, Anthony S. Fauci are posing for a picture: Trump questions how Fauci has a high approval rating 'but nobody likes me'

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