From Addiction Salvation by Scono Sciuto

My name is Rita Mendoza.
I am a drug addict.
My main drug of choice, anabolic steroids — but there are others.
As much as they built my body, they also destroyed.
To fuel my addiction, I took actions of which I am not proud.
I have made bad choices, and I have had some bad luck.
None of that exclusively defines me.
I am Rita.
I am not described by any standards set forth by society.
I am not a peg meant to fit into a predetermined hole.
I am not a victim of circumstance.
I am Rita.
I breathe today.
I choose to live on my terms.
I choose to take from the bad, and make something good.
I define who I am.
I define that, which I will accomplish.
I define the limits of my potential – of which there are none.
I am more than simply a woman.
I am more than a woman constrained by your perceptions.
I am a woman of my rules, of my decisions, of my choices.
I am Rita Ann Mendoza, and the world will hear me roar!

It wasn’t always that way. The sound that escaped my lips was not a roar, at one very low point, it was a plea.

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