Believe In You

I am a self-published storyteller, not under contract by a major publishing house and have sold a limited number of books. In the literary world, I am insignificant. That is the truth, but that truth doesn’t change the reality that I am a storyteller.

Storytelling is my passion and drive.
Storytelling is my love and lust.
Storytelling is my wife and mistress.

I am influenced by both Hemingway and Poe, but my favorite  authors are Joe Leonardi and Scono Sciuto. I am of the strong opinion that

— if you paint, you should be your favorite painter.
— if you create music , you should be your favorite musician.
— if you write, you should be your favorite writer.

It isn’t about conceit, arrogance or false confidence. If you are not a fan of your own writing, how do you expect others to be? It is cliché, but if you don’t believe in yourself, no one will.  Believe you are the best, and be your favorite author.



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I am on a handful of author and writer pages on Facebook and Scono Sciuoto is on quite a few more. These pages are akin to the organizations Hemingway mentioned in the above quote. Writing is a lonely endeavor. It is us, a keyboard, typewriter or blank sheet of paper and our thoughts. Social Media has given a way for writers to connect, however I wonder if potential harm outweighs potential good. One of the reasons I tend to either shy away, or not comment much, is because of the inherent insecurity fostered on these pages. These pages act as enablers for the writer’s self-doubts. Members ask questions not on style or technique, but seeking validation for their art. We all have a degree of uncertainty about our writings, that is normal. However, we should not seek the approval of others to pursue our passion.

When I write, I write to please and entertain one person, the person whose reflection I see in the mirror. Of course, I desire others to enjoy and be entertained, but that is not the driving force. When I complete a story and ask others to read it, I never ask if they like the story – I ask if they think I told a good story.

My goal is not to write stories others will necessarily like — it is to tell that good story. I have read plenty of good stories that I did not like or understand — that didn’t mean the author didn’t tell a good story. Many reviewers are giving their opinion of what they like, not the quality of the story, and more importantly, not the value and understanding of the writer’s heart and soul. Sadly, when the writer reads a bad review — they internalize and personalize that negativity, becoming even more insecure. 

Be your favorite
Believe in yourself
Write for your pleasure

Please don’t allow that negativity and insecurity to dissuade you from your passion. 

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