It Is NOT about “Worse-off Wins”

Facebook and social media are plenty full of self-righteous, moralistic propagators of ill informed opinions. That is a given, but what I read this morning, just hit me in that certain way. 

Today, what “got my Sicilian up,” was this outlandish post, by one of the self-righteous, on social media…..

“This photo serves as reminder that your life is not that bad! The next time you want to complain about something trivial Remember there is REAL SUFFERING OUT THERE THE NEXT TIME CRY OVER BULLSHIT MAKE SURE SURE YOU SHED A TEAR FOR PEOPLE LIKE THIS WHO ARE TRULY SUFFERING IN THE WORLD !”

As I write “The Damaged and Broken” stories, I call not only on my own life experiences, but also on those of the over one hundred people with whom I have spoken over the years. And you know what many of the “worse-off” have in common? They only wish someone had listened before it got to that point.

Imagine the gall and arrogance to try and make a comparison between the suffering of our fellow human beings, and worse, pitting the woes of one, against the woes of another. In day to day struggles of life, Worse-off doesn’t win, nor should it.

There are many who suffer in silence.

There are many who go about their days hiding their pain.

There are many who want desperately to cry out, to express their pain, but don’t.

They are the ones who suppress their pain, not turning to another for fear of this type of belittlement.

Not you, or I, or anyone else gets to determine whose suffering is real. Look at the capital letters in that post. Read them out loud in the shouting manner they were evidently intended  They scream out with pure and unadulterated hatred because the person posting can not begin to comprehend the suffering of those who they deem not worthy of crying out.

Perhaps, if someone did not berate the pictured person when they were

crying over some type of  perceived “bullshit” they would have not ended up this badly off!

I write to give voice to the damaged.

I write to help us understand their suffering.

I write to prevent the damaged from progressing to broken.

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