The Carb Cloud Is Cresting

The following is an excerpt from one of my books on weight loss and fitness which I also repurposed as an article for a webzine several, several years ago. It is funny how what is old can be again new. No less, the sentiments are the same.
I hope you enjoy…

One of the incredible feelings of following a carbohydrate restricted diet is the lifting of The Carb Cloud, that brain activity suppressed feeling of being a mental and physical slug.  For me, this happened about ten days into my renewed efforts to recapture my health. In the past it would happen around the third day. N
o matter, the important thing is how I now am starting to feel, and that is much better. My mental and emotional states are improving —  I am not longer drained of mental energy and my mood has noticeably improved.  I still have a way to go for my body to be fit and healthy — I am on my way. Maintaining consistency is the key, and that is what I must do. And, I really won’t know how that shakes out for a couple of more months.

The other morning, I woke up and my head was clear. I felt as if clouds were dissipating after a storm,  light was overtaking the darkness, and the boat that is my mind, sailed on smooth clear waters. That morning, it didn’t take me as long as it had been taking to start my day and throughout the day, I didn’t find my mind wandering and only a few large, loud yawns escaped my mouth.  My energy level was elevated and I found myself not putting off routine and mundane tasks.  That evening, I didn’t go to bed as early as usual — I simply wasn’t tired.  Because I was up about three hours later, I thought I would have more difficulty waking the next morning — but I didn’t.  For the first time in months, I slept soundly throughout the night.  When the alarm emitted its annoying shriek, I wasn’t pulling the covers over my head — however, I must confess, I still wanted to fling the infernal machine against the wall.

It isn’t simply the increased energy, which is a huge benefit, but the mental clarity can be intoxicating.  After eating, actually grossly overeating, the standard American trash diet I had been consuming the last few years, all I wanted to do was crawl into a dimly lit corner and crash, some days, die. I simply didn’t want to face the day.

The Carb Cloud has vanished and it is a fantastic sensation.  It is difficult to put this feeling into words, however, a few years back I saw a movie that enables me to give an accurate description.  If you have not seen the Bradley Cooper film “Limitless,” I highly recommend it, because the scene where Cooper’s character takes the mind enhancing drug that activates 100% of his brain — is how it feels when The Carb Cloud evaporates. 

It is an entirely new outlook on life and the world. It also gives me a stronger resolve, and I am less likely to allow people to take advantage of me, and a lot less likely to take anyone’s garbage.

It is said by many,  myself included, that one of the best medications for feeling low, being depressed, sadness, difficulty concentrating, etc… is a healthy diet and exercise. I am beginning to remember why I was so convinced that is an accurate statement. 

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