Weekly Progress Update (Written)

    On a positive note, as of waking this morning, the teller of truth, my scale, reports a current loss of 128.6 pounds.
    Earlier this week, I hit my 5th interval goal of 250lbs, this morning I am 246.4 (Yes, I am a bit anal retentive LOL). I find it hard to believe that back in February (BTW WTF is with the first “R” in February?), but I digress, back in early February I weighed in at 375 pounds. I remember sitting on the edge of a mattress deformed by supporting all that weight and shaking my head. Near tears, I couldn’t believe I had once again allowed myself to exceed 300 pounds, let alone close in on 400. I had let the stress of the last few years nearly destroy my mind and body. I knew I had to do something — so I re-read my books and started a plan forth.
    Then in March/April the COVID Pandemic came to the United States. Although already on track, I was well aware of the major co-morbidity and complicating factor morbid obesity was, and is, alongside this new, fast-spreading and deadly virus. My resolve to recapture my health, wellness and fitness, in the face of a new and unimagined stressor, and a shattering betrayal, was strengthened.
    As I have said and written before, this time around what drives me is not vanity or ego, it is improving my health and fitness and wellness to reduce at least that one potential comorbidity during this pandemic, which is currently resurging. Yet, what drives us is unimportant — it is finding that “something” to drive us which is important.
    To everyone on social media, my blog, Racquel and Annie at work, my colleague Doc Conway, and my FB accountability buddy, thank you all for your words of support and encouragement. I know for a fact, that during these most difficult times, without your positive comments pushing me forward, I could not, and would not be making continued progress.
    I have said this many times, and it continues to hold true — I could NOT do this alone. I can not, nor can I ever, enough express my gratitude.
Be well and be safe.
Sometimes The Bastard Returns, A True Life Account Of Obesity Relapse by [Joseph Leonardi]

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