Almost Gave In

In addition to the added stress we are all under, their are abnormal stressors added to our lives.
Today, I came close to cracking. 

I almost didn’t jog.
I almost didn’t walk.
I almost ate foods I shouldn’t.

I’m not sure what dragged me out of bed.
I’m not sure what made me go for the walk.
I’m not sure why I didn’t force feed myself junk.

I made this side-by-side to remind me how easy it would be to fall back into old, unhealthy, patterns.


3 thoughts on “Almost Gave In

      1. I’m trying to keep time set aside on Fridays to catch up on the blog. Mostly I’ve been writing on Medium lately.
        I am well, thank you. I’m so impressed with your diet and exercise programme. You’ve clearly been working very hard, and it’s really paying off. Are you finding that the exercise is helping your mood and energy? I haven’t exercised in so long, and I really need to.

        Miss you too, Joe. Keep safe and well 😘


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