Forty Five Years Later – The Music Still Motivates

Soon after waking, I stepped out into the cold December air. Immediately I returned to the warmth of the indoors. I had NO desire to go out for a chilly jog, so I put on some Kauai Coffee Company coffee, fried up a couple of eggs and sat myself down to a hot breakfast.
Light rain drops began to fall, so a second cup of coffee was in order. I resigned myself to the fact that I may just end up being lazy today — but I didn’t want to be.
No Goddamit!
I couldn’t be!
I’ve come too far!
I called out to the always faithful “Alexa” and asked her to reach back 45 years and play a certain song. The horns blared those iconic first notes and soon I layered up the clothing and the door closed behind me. I put the song on repeat and a little more than an hour and a half later, I’d completed —
–a 3 mile jog averaging 14:30/mile , which for me is the best I’ve done since I’ve started running.
–a 1 mile walk to ease anxiety.
–10 skips with the 5 1/2 pound rope followed by 50 with the speed/heavy rope.
–then into the basement for a few sets of shoulders/biceps/triceps.
Thank you Mr. Bill Conti..

2 thoughts on “Forty Five Years Later – The Music Still Motivates

  1. You are an inspiration, unlike me, who has chosen to stay indoors on this brisk December morning. The guilt just might set in though, after all, we still have giant tree limbs which were downed during the ice storm a month ago and I need to drag them to the road for county pickup.

    Yep. I do believe I shall walk out of my comfortable laziness and be productive today. Thank you!

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