Weekly Progress Update {Written}


On a positive note, with today’s “official” weigh-in, the scale reading is 200.6lbs. My starting weight, back on February 26, 2020 was 375lbs, giving a total loss of 174.4lbs.
This has been a good week, tracking downward, with a loss of 7.0lbs from last week, continuing progress to the next major goal marker of 200lbs.
Additionally, I have increased my running to 7 miles a day, 2 miles in the morning and 5 at lunch. Also in the mornings I do sprints, 15 revolutions with the 6 pound battle-rope, 75 with the heavy skip rope, and weight training in the basement (M-Th chest/back, T-F shoulders/arm W-Sat legs, Sun power cleans, abs and forearms).
With all that has been going on during this pandemic, we can get lost in what we no longer have, or what we can no longer do. However, it is now that I realize just how grateful I am for what I do have, and for


those whom I have in my life. To everyone on social media, my blog, Racquel and Annie at work, my favorite patient and most encouraging fan of my writing Nicole, and my accountability buddy on Facebook, thank you all for your words of support and encouragement. I know for a fact, that during these most difficult times, which have been greatly compounded by other forces, without your positive comments pushing me forward, the results would not be what they are.

Even if others do, don’t give up on yourself.


Yours in health, fitness and wellness, Aloha and Mahalo,

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