Beyond Burnout

I haven’t slept the night through in such a long time. 

Between COVID, winter and something else, I am near the brink, so close that nightmares and night terrors are a normal part of each and every evening. 

Even days I have had to take off have not been relaxing. If anything, because of the above – they were just as stressful as work days.

Burnout is far behind me, so much so, I can’t see it in the rearview mirror. I so desperately need a break, but time off, without feared repercussions, is not possible. 

It is disruptive but at least I am keeping on track fitness wise, and I am again able to write. I should have work on the first draft of damaged redemption done this weekend, and then soon I will send it off to SmashBear Publishing for consideration.

2 thoughts on “Beyond Burnout

  1. Keep fighting the good fight, small steps forward are all you need to be doing. If you are tired then rest, that doesn’t always equate to sleep. Look after yourself and reach out if you ever want to chat.

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