A Lenten Sacrifice

I am not a very religious person, however my parents were. In honor of them, I refrain from meat on Ash Wednesday and Fridays during lent. I also try and give up “something.”
Most years it has been some type of food, however, since I don’t really indulge in any foods outside of what I require for fuel, that isn’t a realistic option.
This season, I am going to attempt to give-up losing my temper.
For those who know me, and understand just how morose I am these days, you will truly know how difficult this is going to be.
However, I guess if it was something easy, it would not really be much of Lenten Sacrifice. And, perhaps, I will end up a better person.

2 thoughts on “A Lenten Sacrifice

  1. That’s so interesting. I’m not religious either but for similar reasons I still observe some of the practices. In fact I don’t eat meat on Fridays at any time even though that’s no longer a rule in the Catholic church. As for Lent, my mum and I agreed that it doesn’t always have to be about giving something up – it could also be about doing something new, and good for others. In your case, you’re doing both! I will be so interested to know how it works out. Good luck!


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