Weekly Progress Update Is Also One Year Progress

It is hard to believe that is has been one year since I started back on this journey to re-capture my fitness and wellness and health so I may once again live a better life.

I am so grateful for all of you who have been following my progress and giving your support and encouragement to this endeavor. In January of last year, I was ready to completely give up. Not only on my health, but on life, and really on living. A large part of me was ready to embrace the other side. However, in February, something sparked in me anew. Being raised Catholic, Lent is often a jumping off point, so I thought – “Let’s give this one more try.” On Ash Wednesday I vowed to improve my health, wellness and fitness. I started going back in the gym, and started watching what I was eating…. then COVID came along and upended the world for us all.

I opted to no longer go the gym, but that didn’t mean I was going to stop. I used all of my years as a sports chiropractor, educator, weight training coach and my own fitness experience to design a homebased workout program. I also modified and refined my eating and used any free time as potential workout time. 

One year later, here are the numbers, and because I am a bit anal retentive, the breakdowns as well. 

  Jean size = 34

February 26, 2020 = 375 pounds
February 26, 2021 = 190.6 pound
February 26, 2020 = 60+ pants size
February 26, 2021 = 34 pants size


Average weight loss per day = 1/2 pound
Average weight loss per week = 3.5 pounds
Average weight loss per month = 14 pounds
Total weight loss for the year = 184.3 pounds

The results have not happened without effort. In addition to following a low carbohydrate {{not no carb and definitely not ketogenic}} eating plan, my current workout is a 2 mile run in the morning, followed by a series of sprints, followed by 15 revolutions with a 6 pound battle skip rope, followed by 75 revolutions with a 2lb weighted skip rope, followed by weight training in the basement. At lunchtime, I run another 5 miles. Cycling and swimming will be added soon.

Of course I didn’t start with this type of workout. Initially, on my days off, I walked 1/4 mile 2 – 4 times a day, building to 1/2 mile to 1 mile to 2 miles to eventually jogging and so on.

I am doing well now, but as I have often written concerning the war with obesity, which I term the bastard. Some battles I’ve won, some the bastard has won. Victory is never a certainty. However, one thing of which I am certain, is that without the support and encouragement of all of you – I may very well may not have regained control in this go-round.

Over the last year I re-learned two important lessons:

  • don’t get discouraged
  • do remain consistent

With all that has been going on during this pandemic, we can get lost in what we no longer have, or what we can no longer do. However, it is now that I realize just how grateful I am for what I do have, and for those whom I have in my life. To everyone on social media, my blog, Racquel and Annie at work, my favorite patient and most encouraging fan of my writing Nicole, my accountability buddy on Facebook Carol, and my first triathlon sponsor Mark, thank you all for your words of support and encouragement. I know for a fact, that during these most difficult times, which have been greatly compounded by other forces, without your positive comments pushing me forward, the results would not be what they are.


Even if others give up on you, or try to drag you down —  don’t ever give up on yourself. As the shirt says, “NEVER UNDERESTMATE AN OLD MAN WHO DEFENDED YOUR COUNTRY!”

Be well and safe everyone.

Love and respect to all.

Aloha and Mahalo,





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