Weekly Progress Update {Written}

On a positive note, with today’s “official” weigh-in, the scale reads 188.8lbs. My starting weight, back on February 26, 2020 was 375lbs. I am down 1.9lbs from last week for a total 186.2lbs and am now at my lowest weight to date.

As I stated in one of my video updates, as I close in on my goal of 175lbs, the dramatic weight drops of 5, 7 or 9 pounds a week are a thing of the past and I am expecting weekly drops of 23 pounds to be the norm. 

I have often written of the war with obesity, which I term the bastard. Some battles I’ve won, some the bastard has won. Vigilance and consistency are the keys. Unfortunately, there is really never a moment to let down our guards, to do so, gives the bastard leverage, and an opening to move into the lead. 

I am now over 1 year into this journey to recapture health, fitness, and wellness and while the BIG numbers are 188.8 and 186.2, it is important to realize that to get to this big number, it took consistently focusing on a series of smaller number {3.5lbs a week, 14lbs a month}, to get to this point. And to also understand, and accept, that it is about taking the smaller steps one-at-a-time, and even with setbacks, to recover and keep moving forward. 

This week the scale is adored. It is a definite teller of truth and the truth this past week was good.  Yet, it isn’t the sole demonstrator of progress. In addition to the weight loss, I had a personal best 5 mile run of 1 hour, and 8 minutes. And the jeans are now a size 34. 😀

This is a war, and the bastard obesity wins some battles, we win others. A lost battle is not the end of the war. We must not quit, even when that seems like the best option. Trust me, I understand. As I have said, the last battle the bastard had won, I really thought was the last. A year ago, I was ready to completely give up and succumb to the sloth and gluttony which consumed me. Yet, over the last year I re-learned important lessons:

  • don’t get discouraged
  • do remain consistent
  • do keep focused on your goal 
  • do push to live a better life

I remember:

  • In January of 2020, at 56 years of age, I allowed my weight to soar above 375lbs.
  • In January of 2020, each and every day of my pathetic life was a living hell.
  • In January of 2020, I was certain the bastard obesity had won the war.
  • I labored hefting my bulk to get up from a sitting position.
  • I became winded trudging the few steps from bedroom to bathroom.
  • I struggled to climb a flight of stairs; hell, I had difficulty going down them.
  • In January of 2020, I was ready to completely give up, to give up on myself, to give up on life, and to give up living.
  • In January of 2020, defeated, downtrodden, depressed, and believing I was ready to actually do more than simply give up, I considered taking an action that could not be undone. It was on that day I recorded the first half of the below video. The second half begins in February of 2020, when I realized I wasn’t ready to give up — but instead was again ready to go into battle against the bastard obesity, and once again attempt to undo my obesity.
Can I declare victory?



All I can say with certainty is, at this moment, I am ahead. The bastard obesity is still present, waiting for an opportunity to again gain the upper hand, and that bastard may again weigh in and reassert itself.
Enjoy better health.
Enjoy better fitness.
Enjoy living a better life. 

With all that has been going on during this pandemic, we can get lost in what we no longer have, or what we can no longer do. However, it is now that I realize just how grateful I am for what I do have, and for those whom I have in my life. To everyone on social media, my blog, Racquel, Annie, Lisa and Kim at work, my favorite patient and most encouraging fan of my writing Nicole, Doc Conway who kept me centered during the occasional setback, my accountability buddy on Facebook Carol and my new accountability buddy Monica, thank you all for your words of support and encouragement. I know for a fact, that during these most difficult times, which have been greatly compounded by other forces, without your positive comments pushing me forward, the results would not be what they are.


Even if others give up on you, or try to drag you down —  don’t ever give up on yourself.

Be well and safe everyone.

Love and respect to all.

Aloha and Mahalo,



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